CMfM and email excerpts

Don’t push caregiving out of context. Caregiving is a walk with God.

"Linda presented her beautiful contemplation of cancer to the congregation at
a Lenten church service. It is repeated here with permission:

…I do not believe God tests us in this manner; no parent tests his or her child
with such a practice. We (parents) prepare our children for life and offer advice,
granting guidance and love with constant support along the way. Our children
determine the outcome for which their trials will affect them by the approach
they take to every situation."

Caregiving evolves just as does our relationship with God.

"When you become a
caregiver, it is hard to give up the
role.  When you begin to expand
your caregiving, you are confronted with a
new situation: how to fit
it all in."

Caregiving can be freely given but caregiving conversations cannot be forced. Dialogue with God is mostly about silence, listening, and being open to the Spirit.

  • empathize greatly with
    oppressed people.
  • advocate for changing
    the way we try to support male caregivers.
  • suggest what (you believe)
    would be most advantageous for everyone.
  • work something out to
    improve the status quo.
  • share these advances with the
    world so care-receivers everywhere can benefit.
  • (help others) when they are
    open to the idea of receiving independent help.

There. So now you know
something about where we are headed.
Good luck and God bless.

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