One day at a time…

Who wants to live amidst pain? Indeed, who wants to live with incessant confusion, mass chaos, and suffering? Mornings are the clearest for me. If I have slept well. then my mind awakes refreshed and at ease. If I have not rested well I get out of bed and interrupt mental torment. Chances are great to receive opportunities for affirming truth with each new day!

The building blocks of love and fidelity can move mountains. Imagine life as a pile of sand deposited one grain at a time. Without glue the grains reach a critical angle of repose, the height-to-width conical ratio where instability does not support increased bearing loads. Fidelity is that quality which allows us to be faithful in our efforts. Love knows where to apply cement and when to dissolve resistance.

We may not understand clues about the chain of events leading to the present state. We might not even find answers that would have prevented things from getting messed up. If we don’t use our opportunities to make changes affecting the future in positive ways, the pain caused today will be unbearable for everyone.

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