What Was It Like?

What’s with all the words and slogans printed on T-shirts? "Relay for Life" and "Fighting Cancer." I just don’t get the concept "Building a System of Support."

How in the world could we not embrace the notion that other people are helping us, each doing their part and then handing us on to the next advocate?

And so individual battles are won. Victories are declared. We set to work on the final difficulty: reconstruction of the will to move forward.

But campaigners don’t complete the task. Recuperation is not complete without complete reintroduction into the society from whence we come. There is no going back. Once the experience is tasted everything changes.

Is it any wonder we trusted the authorities to do the right thing? A crime was committed all right…

If we dally too long in the muck, surely it takes us down. All of us.

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