Obligation & Responsibility

I thought the obligation to become a provider for my family and our children ended at the high school graduation ceremony, with an option to assist and encourage any post-secondary educational achievements.Because of the unique qualifications I received as the result of Linda’s cancer journey, I felt responsible for creating an improved care-delivery support mechanism so caregivers and care-receivers might all be spared some of the grief and agony witnessed during periods of heightened sensitivity.

When our daughter was arrested (see Unanswered Questions For Alice Zeorlin) and sent to prison on the heels of her mother’s breast cancer I came to realize more is required from us.

That an accusation of “premeditated first-degree murder” of the unborn child in her womb could be alleged was preposterous, much less possible. What thinking, feeling, inhuman monsters do our judicial systems empower? The prosecution successfully staged a scenario and waged an attack so lacking in compassion it can only be viewed as foreshadowing to the travesty of justice awaiting all of us.

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