As I am “Looking Back” at my transition to becoming a better Caregiver I wonder two things. First, what is it about Bat Guano that attracts remarks like “Thank you very much for contributing a best comment!” Who is on display here? Secondly, from Convenience Be Damned “Caregivers must learn to cope with a different appreciation of reality.” (the wasted Category) because, as one person alludes by Comment: “What an idea! What a concept! Nice.!!.” We’ve got our heads stuck up our behinds. What needs to be done isn’t going to happen unless we change more than our diapers.

Yesterday’s news reported stories about two exonerated individuals. One was released after serving 15 years in prison. The other was a man in his 70’s who spent 5 months in jail for crimes he did not commit. Sound familiar? Disparities in the judicial system must appeal to the perverse sense of righteousness of many in our country. “No one is above the law but for that we cut off your…”

As an engineer I enjoy the best of both worlds: truth and surreality. Framed another way: engineers put up with absolutes and denials. I am unemployed. My wife survived breast cancer.  My daughter endured jail after such an absurd charge that  my faith in God was shaken. She is now in prison. I experienced the horrific heartache of an in-compassionate public.  How does it feel to have appendages removed? In other words it can only get better for me. And it will. Whether shaken or stirred, my faith was not lost. Unfortunately it gets worse for everyone else. Also true–“And it will.”

I am knowledgeable in Strength of Materials and could accurately predict failure loads of members. I am not a psychologist; I can not tell you how much more people can take before breaking. Did you ever ride with a youngster who perpetually asked “Are we there yet?”

No but the time iscoming.

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