Farewell Mom

Mom’s death was not painful. In fact her suffering was over rapidly. In one instant her eyes fluttered, she grew dizzy, she passed out, fell, and died. It was far more traumatic to discover her body.

Dad was always by her side, faithful, dear, and devoted.

Her family was her blessing. Her friends shared her love for life.

(gleaned from Eulogy given by Judy Zeorlin Zimmerman): Mary was a loving woman. She was devoted to her husband, family and friends. She was a prayerful woman. She especially felt a close connection to God while outdoors, spending much time outdoors enjoying the Kansas sky. She was reared on a farm near Garden City and held a lifelong fascination with changing weather. Her love of plants made her fond of flowers and raising gardens.

Mary was a habitual “post-it” note user and penned numerous thoughts, worries, and prayers on envelopes, letters, photographs, family objects, and just about anywhere a post-it note could stick. Woe to the refrigerator! Her prayer life gave her patience, strength, and renewed her faith. The weekly Rosary Group meetings she so loved to attend were an important part of her life. Indeed this faithful gathering prayed for her family, friends, and entire community.

Death is often sudden and unexpected. Mary was preparing for this time when she would leave our physical world to be with God. We must see the beauty in the way she lived and how she showed us the wonder of God’s creation.

Today marked Mom’s 79th birthday. Every sunrise must set.

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