Feedback Challenge

What good are wasted opportunities? Everyone has experienced spam (see We are all expected to know how to behave. At what price does the lesson of being a caregiver become  unaffordable?

Personally, I abhor receiving email forwards. Most often the presence of “FW:…” in the subject line turns me off. Add to it the admonition “93% or the recipients won’t forward this…” or “don’t break the chain…” or “Forward this to 6 or 8 or XX people…” and I’m nearly guaranteed to lose interest before even viewing the danged thing!

Put it another way–if reading the message inspires me to think of someone other than the sender, then possibly I will think “I’d like to send this to my friend…” It has something to do with personal commitment. Nobody can force us to care or be good examples of caring. Yet if we fail to record these instances of giving care we will surely succumb to apathy.

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