What Women Want and How We (Men) Can Give It To Them

  • A woman wants a man who can stand on his own two feet, providing he faces the right direction–one which is amenable to her concerns.
  • Clean up our language: “Wham, bam, thank you ma’am.” is rude and morally offensive. Cut losses for everyone, especially if yours were ill-gotten gains.
  • A man should apologize if he is too persistent in his desire to receive feedback.  This is most often misconstrued as an opposite form (undesirable) of micromanagement. Try to be more observant of a woman’s unspoken desires. And never act on misinformation.
  • It is okay to wait until you are lost or confused for contacting someone outside your circles and asking for help but you should not wait too long. Make an inquiry but don’t expect a response which could assist with your mission.
  • The difference between “It’s a job” and “It’s an adventure” is like receiving a paycheck or a bonus. Women and Men should treat each other less like “necessary evil.”

The Comments received on the Caregiver’s Manual blog (CMfM Comments) reveal a sad truth. Although women get saddled with a majority of caregiving burdens (possibly due to instinctive nurturing predispositions) the tendency to complain about men not exhibiting willingness to become better caregivers is not offset with real support. Is this correct? So years later when men and women are called to share caregiving and care-receiving responsibilities there is a huge disconnect because nobody was willing to influence the outcomes during those formative years.

  • Prayer and Acceptance are the sugars which help medicine go down, turn lemons into lemonade, and validate feelings for women and men.
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