No time for small talk. Who can you rely on?

  • When you’re down…
  • After you’ve been beaten…
  • Under the most stressful conditions…

Since becoming a caregiver, life has taken some cheap shots. Change can be a killer! But you can be sure of one thing: Hang in there–someday it will get better. Maybe you think I’ve said too much; maybe you haven’t said enough. It doesn’t matter.

In the eternal scheme of things NOTHING really matters.” (Quote given by instructor in philosophy class 35 years ago.) You ever short-sheet a bed? Short-change a sucker? Short-out a reaction? Tell me something fat-boy…what’s the use?

Self-reliance is the moxie that will see you through the toughest times, and it doesn’t get much tougher than being a caregiver. But with adequate support (local, global, spiritual, emotional, inspirational) you can make it.

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