Words of Support (with censorship)

These are not my words (although I agree with them):

“There is a real need for support of male caregivers. Too often it seems men are overlooked as primary caregivers.” –Randy Schultz

“The best thing about support groups, is that those present are able to learn from each other’s experiences!”

The ITN support mechanism is just a figment of our imaginations–at this point. It doesn’t work if caregivers don’t know about it, can’t find the information, or don’t have access to it–despite any efforts to the contrary of making something available. Without endorsement to elevate the focus and provide validation of the problem, it is only a dream. It won’t work as a rigid body. It takes collaboration, courage, and willingness to change.

It might be (xxx) sees their role as a corporate citizen was fulfilled (through yyy and other projects). And those are very fine and good too. Please just know when men find their work as caregivers has already been met (through addressing various jobs and concerns) they are only following the world’s leadership.

This is really an “all your eggs in one basket” moment. If you sincerely believe that initiating a program of “Men’s Caregiver Support Group is not possible at this time” then please tell us when it will become possible so a future generation can be most amenable to the change.

There, we were the mouthpiece. We could help with planning but partnership is pointless when the investment required exceeds resources. The hope grown to become better caregivers must come through outside support. Your words are important.

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