Unrealistic Expectations on mlbergS5.kablog.com

Caregivers have a need for real-time support. Pull together online resources and insights–that’s like pouring a bowlful of cereal. You’ve still got to make distribution before feeding (nurturing, healing) can take place.

You think this is confusing….try being sent on broken links to impossible situations and compare that with caregiving. It’s not just a video game anymore.  Meet Unrealistic Expectations on mlbergS5.kablog.com–you may have to search and do some digging to find it. (Note: broken link to kablog–sorry for the surprise!)

Hopefully a Caregiver Village will be the spoon! Maybe you’ve got better ideas for coping with the burden of caregiving. Send your suggestions to mlberg.caregiver.blog@gmail.com and we’ll try to incorporate them.

Good luck with this.

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