Suck It Up Men

Here’s Why It All Makes Sense. I’m not telling you this some hidden motive to do myself good.

You ever fall off a bicycle? What’d you think the first time it happened? Was anyone there to tell you “Get back on. You can do it.” Did you opt for a walker after that?

It is incredibly difficult to preach “You’re flat” to the choir unless you yourself can sing too. How about a little help here? Suck it up Men. There are (presently) no other options than to do the best you can for the ones you love. I know you can do it. We all can do our best. Sure there are times we will fail. You ever have a buddy, a coach, a mentor, a best friend…do it because it’s the right thing. Do it for them. Do it because the only way seeds of faith will grow is if they receive nurturing.

Suck it up. Be a caregiver. It gets better. Miracles do happen. Do your best–you won’t be disappointed.

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Hang In There

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