How To Persevere: Enjoy Epic Journeys

How To Persevere: Enjoy Epic Journeys

By Dan Zeorlin

Probably the best part of a nightmare is the waking up. But what happens if the reality to which you release the dream is just another voyage? Only a tour of dreadful encounters and horrendous consequences can make your previous trials seem like day trips. Survival of one terrible experience will steel you for another. Faith in a higher power can help. Internal fortitude allows you to make it through tough times. Hope gives the sense of mission; not all will survive but for those who endure we want future light to shine more brightly than possible.

There are physicians and healers and teachers to guide us but spin doctors are the most capricious folks on this planet. We learn to embrace change with such enthusiasm that strangers think it is the DESIRED condition so the benefit of familiarity will take over: “We’ve seen this before.” It won’t be pretty but not all will be lost.

Awkward career moves can be painted beautifully (see Resume). Ugly, fear-provoking realities get glossed over with surrealism (see After Tax). The myriad encounters of life could lead to unavoidable loss (see CMfM). Unexplainable disorder (see WEEBLY) takes up resting places. But are these temporary or permanent? Coping with transformation is the challenge that life throws at us before we die.

Become a caregiver. You might ask, “Who will benefit from this?” When you think about it in these terms, if in every action someone is going to be pleased then whom should that be? The best answer is “The ones who need to receive care the most!” Our greatest satisfaction comes from abundances which are shared freely.

Do you love your care-receivers? You might never have a better chance to act “In Their Names”  (see ITN) as an advocate again. If the resources don’t appeal to you then what happens next? How can you continue if the motivation to go on is not there? What will you decide is worth checking into if nobody is there to spoon-feed the information? Do you quit? The quest to pool caregiver insights into one single easy-to-follow set of instructions might be a good pursuit for you to take on after your caregiver responsibilities are met. Until then don’t complain. It is sufficient that these links and guides were developed with your care-receiver in mind.

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