What brings arrival of reliability? Predictability to a strength! This neither casts blame nor assigns fault. Rather it accomplishes the contrary by elimination of guesswork.

The wrong time to get nervous about most things is after it is too late to do anything about them. Say you’re on a hike. Did you prepare for environmental effects (insects, weather, etc) and plan for changes? Too bad about the bug spray when a swarm of mosquitoes finds your flesh. Too late for the poncho when a thunderstorm pours buckets.

Computer aficionado’s know the acronym GIGO means “Garbage In Garbage Out.” (SSDD-“Same Stuff Different Day” is one derivative.)

Most guys approach caregiving as though it were a trip to the woods. “We’ll get out of this.” and “Toughen up.” lapse into “Will it ever end?” and “I should have done something different.”

Grief is hindsight without hope, sorrow without opportunity for change, accomplishment without joy. You can get help with treating your grieving process. The best part of knowing “It has happened to others, it happened to you, and it will happen again” is believing you can make a difference.

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Hang In There

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