Goal-setting pays for itself. The cost of setting obtainable goals (EG: Goodbye To Engineering ) is paid by gained perspectives. No doubt industry practice is oppressive (see Cynicism vs. Surrealism) because rather than being life-giving it can be life-draining.

For me the Coup de Grâce wasn’t Linda’s cancer (see CMfM), Alice’s imprisonment (see mlbergs9 ), or deaths of parents and in-laws (see My Dad, Farewell Mom, and lessons learned from both Marcellinus, & Velma ).

Find some sense in these statements:

  • “Recovery is going to hurt you a lot more than it does me.”
  • “I am doing the best I can and I’m not perfect.”
  • “Go ahead punk. Make my day.”

If we don’t hope for the future…

If we can’t dream of a better tomorrow…

If nothing we do today makes a difference…

…what’s the point of going on?

…what’s the use?

…what are we waiting for?

Some opportunities for growth are dumped in your lap while others require more digging to find value (EG: MakeADifference ). Circumstances differ but we must cope with unorthodoxy–not by denial or by lashing out or by getting angry that our plans were spoiled but by acceptance. If we don’t support diversity then we shall be doomed.

Imagine a diet consisting mostly of tacks and nails. Who among you sees an advantage in reduced low-iron counts?

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Hang In There

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