Formation of Coping Skills – Exercise #29 (Recovering From Inflation)

Recovery is a slow process. Chances are you will have a greater influence on personal recovery if you learn more ways to accept change. Some variables can be fixed for a while to give the appearance of steady but eventually these too will adjust and the new normal takes over.

No law of averages applies in a case-by-case basis. In other words nobody earned a right to be satisfied. It is good that we can be happy creatures unconditionally.

“Are you having fun yet?”


The most important skill in life is to become confident dealing with unknowns. The second most important lesson is being unafraid. This does not mean an open season for flaunting stupidity but is an opportunity for growing in compassion.

Replace the words in the following figure (confident + unafraid) with two to four of your own most desirable traits.

This exercise will seemingly underestimate your ability to know yourself. That’s okay. Until you can be honest about your own vendibility there is no point in selling your offerings to others.

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Hang In There

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