If I Could Change This Great Nation…

I’d start with me.

“There is one thing I think I know!!  In this big universe of so many people, and so many problems, why was I the one to get so much heartache and so much grief?  Was I bad a person?  Did I do this life thing all wrong?  Am I being punished for mistakes of long ago?  Do I deserve this?   The answer is I don’t know!  The only thing I do know for sure, is that it was in my life plan  according to God’s terms, not ours!!  Are we learning, You bet!!  Are we learning and teaching by our acceptance and coping with huge problems?  Yes, Is it unfair?  Yes  Do we know the answer WHY?  No….We just have to trust, and that is the hardest word in the universe…trust.  I wish God would have told us the plan, but he didn’t! We just have to keep going til the end, and then we will know!!  I hope Alice is doing well, and your level of worry has diminished since the beginning of this ordeal.  I’m so sorry that you all have to endure so much suffering.  Some day it will be clear why!!  Now we have to trust!!  Why is such a short 5 letter word so hard!  I know it is hard for all of you, but keep on going, you WILL make it.  Love you”

PM (Previous Message): ” I love your “never quit” attitude!!  We are always striving to be better aren’t we?  Keep your eye on the horizon, and never give up!!”

All things are possible with God. Is it possible to recover from having a strong faith in God?

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Hang In There

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