Greatest Gift

The greatest gift of all is gratitude.

It affects givers, receivers, witnesses, enablers, collaborators, peripherals, descendants, and generally everyone.

Expound on this you say?

Just try to think of an incident in your own life where this was not true. Like finding images in clouds, a picture once there…however fleeting, whether seen or unseen, exists in the mind of the beholder. Someone somewhere appreciates you.

“I’m so thankful we had this chance to be together.”

No doubt we can do things better. We all could. But aren’t you glad for the experience(s) of getting something right! To do the right thing! Awesome!

Life goes on and for some it goes on and on and on. The occurrence of awareness is gained through understanding.

“I know your pain. I feel your pain. I understand your pain. I face your pain. I share your pain. I too…” How good it is to hear the voice of empathy.

What then is ITN all about? The ITN program is an effort to expose the gift of gratitude. You can take it from here.

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Hang In There

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