Love Is Tough

I vowed to love, honor, and respect my spouse when we got married. It is harder on some days to fulfill that promise than it is to exercise undue control. However I choose to grow my love for my spouse and that makes it all less complicated. When my spouse’s recovery from chronic illness became the issue I kicked into my overly-protective mode.

When my adult-child’s recovery from serious illness became the issue I kicked into a tough-love mode. It was hard to justify what should or should not be done.

I gained a new awareness this morning: I have no right to enforce my will over the wills of others.  Even though the outcome of a spouse’s or family member’s hardship can bear on me personally, I must only provide love and support for them as they make their decisions on how to proceed.

Abundance is my gift but life is tougher on others. Life is still theirs and the toughest part is to accept, forgive, and love.

The most fulfilling challenge in life is to become a better caregiver.

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Hang In There

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