Today’s email

Thank you for that comeback John.

You said, “I’m not sure how you’d even get started on the right path.” and I read “I wasn’t sure how I’d even get started on the right path.” As you know there are some horrible examples of people being people. I didn’t see how we could survive the cancer. It did affect our family and relationships were strained. About the only good I could imagine coming out of all this would be if I could turn my experience into a “Lessons Learned” opportunity so others might avoid pitfalls.

When I tried to interest the Caregiving profession (Health Care Professionals) it was like we are from different planets. So I attempted to translate Caregiving requirements into the language of the front-line caregiver (layman terms). I pulled a lot of things together and put it out there. I don’t have control over this. Possibly that awareness can be used to advantage too because learning to accept things over which we have no control is a valuable lesson for eclipse caregivers (people in transition from “care free” to “caregiver”).

For what it’s worth the approach I was taking is that I’m no expert…none of us are…yet each of us may have a piece of the puzzle. So I built a few platforms that could accept comments. Problem is they also attract lots of SPAMMERS (good folks just trying to earn a living). I was chasing my tail trying to update and accommodate each nuance. It was time to let it go. Someone else might pick up the ball and run with it (especially since I put it into deliverables).


And one request: Please keep my daughter Alice and her living situation in your prayers. She is just one person but she was prosecuted wrongly and is now in prison. It seems cancers just keep on taking and taking.

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Hang In There

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