Give Caregiving a chance to change your lives for the better!

  • What do you expect when you don’t give change a chance? Failure.
  • What do you ensure when you don’t give change a chance? Failure.
  • Why would a reasonably successfull and insulated engineer risk failure in order to extoll the virtues of caregiving?

Humor me on this. I could wax poetically and might even find an expression that appealed to myriad philosophers, comedians, and generally people of educated backgrounds. Some would roar with laughter; others would weep hysterically. Or I could do nothing. Consequences arrive with their own agendas and when they do, some will roar with laughter and others will weep hysterically.

Think of it this way: Is there an advantage to winning a nuclear war when the consequences guarantee anhilation? Which cancers do you wish to get (treatable) and which diseases do you want to avoid (lost causes)? Where is the hope?

But guess what? We delivered this chuckle with tears in our eyes. Now whatever happens it won’t be because we didn’t care.

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Hang In There

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