The difference between a subjective and an objective examination is…

The difference between a subjective  and an objective life is…

Who can remember all the crazy stuff we’re supposed to know?

With each passing day and technological advancement more data streams to our fingertips, overwhelming us with…

subjective and objective information.

So at the very least strive to not be judgmental.

If somebody screws up and substitutes subjective for objective information (or vice versa) what is going to happen?

I might die alone before I tell you

I haven’t found the right cult

I didn’t seek out the wrongs that you gave me

I couldn’t dream up the difference a subjective and an objective opinion would make on my own

One goes free after charges are dropped because the allegations wouldn’t be proven at a trial

Another goes to prison because allegations could be proven at trial

Blatantly guilty. Shamefully innocent. Subjective. Objective.

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Hang In There

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