find someone to take up the challenge to reach the next starting point.

If you can find an interested party that would take up the challenge to reach the next stopping point it will help tremendously.

The “non-disease specific” standard of providing support for caregiving men is an awkward description but most men won’t venture out in public to become labeled as caregivers if there is any stigma associated with seeking support.

The moniker “ITN” (In Their Names) together with the Support Group theme was created becuase guys would find more success telling others “I’m going to an ITN meeting” than they have luck with saying “I’m going to a support group meeting.”

Like a Rotary Club or Lions Club or AA meeting, what goes on inside is easy once you get past the door. So for that reason ITN is not the charitable work  of a hospital or medical center (thereby justifying their touts “Have your procedure done with us”).

But why tell you here? Frankly it won’t do me any good (not that I wouldn’t have wanted support). If somehow it (Caregiver support) can take on a new face now it might become a meaningful endeavor later. But until it gets started (with all its flaws, hiccups, and setbacks) it won’t ever get any better.

It must be a collective effort, i.e. not reliant upon any one individual or group for its success and continued growth. So here it is, bread cast upon the waters. Do your best.

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Hang In There

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