Caregiver Support

·        Some institutions do a great job providing free support programming to persons in local geographic regions. But what about the guys who don’t live close or for some reason can’t locate a convenient support center or an applicable program? How can these people gain access for necessary resources? The answer is they don’t and many are worse off because of it.

·        Mental, spiritual, and emotional support is available but not equally accessible to all. We need a centralized, non-disease-specific resource for guidelines to improved caregiving. Here are two examples:

  1. ·        Caregiver’s Manual for Men:
  2. ·        MLBerg’s ITN blog:

·        The problem is too large for me to tackle alone. I enjoyed critical analysis ( and writing ( but doing what I can will never be enough for everyone (hopefully these are not too disparate… see We make our goodbyes and move forward (see

·        What I’m suggesting is that foundations and major corporations (insert your prime candidate here) get involved with defining parameters for operation of independent support functions to benefit caregiving men. We must think globally and align ourselves efficiently. We must give away information on the tools, tricks, and traps of caregiving. Everything needed could be located on the above sites. That way the boiled-down comments would reach further and become most effective.

·        The point is not that an indisputable claim of “perfect” should be made but rather that requests for collaboration repeatedly fall on deaf ears. Help those who can’t help themselves (neither by participating in offered programs nor by agreeing with discordant philosophies). After viewing the diversity on these blogs it should become more apparent that caregiving men are diverse and so it is unreasonable to expect that all our needs for support should be met by a uniform controlled approach (such as by…you named one above).

·        Think about it. Do employees believe the clients served by their facility are more important and deserving of special treatment beyond that of their own loved ones? In essence this proposal advocating for caregiver support is aimed at providing a tangible benefit for employees beyond the employer/employee relationship.

·        Policies which promote themselves becomeself-sustaining. These concepts are undeniably responsible. Help spread the word outside Kansas City’s borders.

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