Best Introduction To Caregiving

Think about it. What would be the best introduction to caregiving?

  • It’s not going away.
  • It’s not something which can be ignored
  • It (the need for better caregiving) can’t be undone.

Our gift to you is full disclosure.

Anything read on these posts might not apply to your situation and may not always be true. Everything you experience at an ITN meeting should be a testimonial to the power of acting for a loved one, “In Their Name.”

If you absolutely, positively want to do something that you won’t regret later…become a caregiver.

The definition of giving care is nebulous at best. Try to think of it instead as an attitude. If you must polarize life (north/south, hot/cold, better/worse, etc) realize that an improvement in most things is more than what could be expected until better care is given.

The reason to become better caregivers, both for ourselves and those around us, is not only to help care-receivers become better at receiving care but to ensure a better standard of care is embraced by all. This may come as a shock but not everybody feels the same way as you. And unless we become more willing to hear the stories of our sisters and brothers will not be capable of reducing pain.

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Hang In There

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