Primer on Recluse

  • What is a recluse?
  • Who is a recluse?
  • Why become a recluse?

Are Engineers Smart?

If becoming a recluse were the only way to save the ones you love, would you do it?

Would you voluntarily become prisoner to left brain/right brain politics if it meant you did your part to save the planet?

If becoming a better caregiver meant showing  compassion in areas where you had previously condemned individuals could you change?

I am condemned. This I know because…well, I’m an engineer as we are all engineers responsible for taking care and planning the welfare of future generations.

We are all condemned. For this I could only become a recluse if there were to be hope for achieving the mission.

How connected with the poor, the marginalized, and the suffering are we? Put another way: do we understand the recluse?

God have mercy on us all.


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Hang In There

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