What you can do…

  • decide in advance to be happy no matter what may happen
  • decide midway through the process to be happy regardless of consequences
  • decide after it is all said and done to be happy despite any shortcomings, failures, or setbacks

Now if you decide to make this your plan (modus operandi) you may find that not everything turns out as dire as you had imagined it. This could be because you become/became such a positive influence in the community that some of the chips stacked against you actually never fell into place. It might be that you thwarted grief and despair from making their abode in you. Possibly by exhibiting a happier persona you brought new hope into situations and created situations of exceptional joy, peace, love, and tranquility.

If the consequence of (not being an asshole) brings about such wonderful changes accidentally, just think about how much good you will effect with an intentional predilection for caregiving.

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Hang In There

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