My Dying Wish…

A prisoner on death row was about to be executed. Throughout the imprisonment the defense maintained the prisoner was wrongly charged, unjustly tried, and unfairly imprisoned.

Moments away from sentence imposition the Warden noticed a serene look on the prisoner’s face.  “Why are you so so calm?” the Warden asked. “Don’t you know you’re about to be executed?” To which the prisoner replied, “I’ve been a model prisoner the entire time I’ve been here. I have never faltered from proclaiming the truth. I do not hold false hope that the legal system will recant its views. Therefore enforcement of this sentence is actually a reprieve for me. On the other hand you and those in the legal system will continue to make mistakes and be frustrated by them.”

“I wish I had your attitude for a few minutes.”

“We could trade places.”

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Hang In There

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