Formation of Coping Skills – Exercise #32 (Do Your Best)

If this is expressed incorrectly, please forgive us. The cancer experience (departure from expected normals) changes everyone. The destination where we headed before cancer won’t have the same results after we become better caregivers. Caregiving creates life-forms of its own.

Go to the Caregiver Manual blog ( Read the revelations in A Caregiver’s Manual for Men that just one one man learned. Find some peace by trying to help others.

Share goodwill. Enhance the space where caregivers can go to get support. Be so kind as to comment on any of the posts or ask others to please leave a comment or contact directly. It would be best to get everyone started ASAP with collaborating on this project. If we all work together to create a living document then future generations (our children, nieces and nephews) will benefit from foresight.

Anyone actively involved in “real time” caregiving doesn’t have energy to spare for organizing the collection of insights. The best you can do is help someone who is helping others. Hopefully it will be enough.

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Hang In There

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