Bandwagon Appeal

I’m sorry if we’ve let  you down.

Bandwagon Appeal is a device which appeals to the viewer’s (reader’s/listener’s/observer’s) sense of belonging. It claims that one should buy into a certain idea because of its popularity. In other words, if 70% of the people believe something, it must be right.

70% of the people watching televised news reports agree that the person charged with comitting a crime is guilty.

I apologize and admit things are f’d up beyond control.

70% of the people approached about becoming better caregivers agree that caregiving, with its ridiculously high demands, asks too much.

Nobody wants something bad to happen–to themselves or to anyone else–but when it does, nobody expects to be held accountable for things beyond their control.

 When 99.9% of the people breathe a sigh of relief after a misfortune and say “Thank God it didn’t happen to me,” then the bandwagon tactic which tries to make persons feel alienated if they disagree with an issue or an argument has worked.

Most often public opinion is involved in bandwagon politics. For example, any statement made regarding “Children who  get cancer…” tugs at heart strings. Possibly the same sentiment is felt for all cancers (although innocent until infected is hardly an excuse). But cancer of the body, cancer of the intellect, and cancer of the spirit are three different things (albeit manifestation of the same upset: departure from normalcy).

You don’t have to do anything. Most likely (70% chance) you’re not one of those other 30%. It is highly unlikely you’re part of the 0.001% who receive unjust, unfair, uncompassionate, and unforgiving treatment. So forget about it and strike up the band.

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Hang In There

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