Formation of Coping Skills – Exercise #33 (Coping With Transition)

Regardless of whether or not you did your best, things change and life goes on. But will it be with or without you? In your favor or against you? A slight variation on the past or a whole new routine with a twist?

It is  important to not get hung up on things beyond your control. Say for example a huge blood disorder affects the quality of life for a loved one. Perhaps the source was a tainted blood supply for an infusion (this is only a hypothetical example). Maybe you could have donated blood but didn’t. Possibly your blood type wasn’t even a match. BUT NONE OF THAT MATTERS NOW.

Are you the kind of person who secretly wishes “Why couldn’t they have just died in a car accident?” Would that really have made things more convenient for you? Transition between “having…” and “not having…” is the subject of this Coping Skill-Building Exercise.

Be yourself but be open to change. Answer these questions:

  • Familiarity.

What does it take to develop confidence acting in strange and unusual situations?

  • Alien, foreign.

How would you normally attract well-llknown and recognizable circumstances into your life?

You will achieve better skill for coping with transition if you accept change. You will have better success with accepting change if you spend a fair amount of your own resources helping others cope with loss. You will gain insight and sensitivity for coping with loss if you learn to be more carefree. You will be carefree for becoming a better caregiver.

By learning to reprioritize the redally important things in life and by putting them first, you will master the skill of coping with transition.

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Hang In There

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