Let’s Be Perfectly CLEAR About Men Becoming Caregivers

Caregiving isn’t just a take-it-or-leave-it, easy-come-easy-go, somebody-show-me-the-ropes proposition. Frankly, your loved one should be concerned about whether you have what it takes.


  • It takes courage to become reliant on others…and this is what will happen. You must be prepared to wait, be patient while waiting, and persist in the quest to wait for prompts on giving care.
  • You must truly love your care-receiver. Otherwise the care you give will be inadequate.
  • Figure out where your emotions belong. Sometimes they should be hidden away but to be effective you must become passionate about giving care.
  • Dignity and respect are the most important elements of caregiving. It is imperative to preserve the sense of normalcy even though the world around you might be falling apart.
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Hang In There

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