I Met The Strangest Man…

I met the strangest man–all puffed out like he was on a mission from God.

And he moved with such authority!

I invited him to rest a spell but he just shrugged.

“I wish I could, I wish I could…” was all that he said.

It was clearly evident he cared a great deal about us. We even washed so as to entice him more properly.

But nothing moved him from his date with destiny.

“Where are you going? Don’t you know? What you’re trying to do won’t work.” We trembled in our entrenchments.

But he kept right on advocating for change.

The odd thing is it made sense too. Like extenguishing a flame before the source of the gas leak is found. Or proceeding with caution when it is known the ice is thin. But goddamn him…he shouldn’t have been right.

Why can’t we find somebody exactly like him only different? We need motivation to change…so we can do things different like closer to what we had intended, not different like farther from what we achieved.

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Hang In There

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