Help Me: I’m Addicted

It’s not funny. Shoot…it happened. Something happens to somebody all the time; this time it happened to be me.

But I’m unlike the rest of you clowns. I’m not an idiot however I think I can make it through okay.

Tell me: How’s the world treating you (especially now that there’s a label stuck squarely on your forehead between your eyes)?

We’re rapidly becoming one of the most widely-known anonymous persons in existence…and that’s because there are so many of me.

Now here comes the funny part: I thought we’d be able to handle it. Guess we were wrong.

Go back to a time before you were born. Listen to Cat Stevens music. You need to learn more about what is still within your reach. Follow but follow at a safer distance. Lead but recognize that safety in numbers often takes us  where we really shouldn’t go.

You’ve all heard “If a tree falls in the middle of a forest does it make a sound?”

So what’cha going to do about it? Have another one? Coerce yourself into oblivion? Shoot that’s just what the proverbial “they” WANT YOU TO DO.

It may never get any better but it doesn’t have to get any worse. Listen to Semisonic – Closing Time Lyrics: “You don’t have to go home but you can’t stay here.” What they’re really saying (in my opinion) is “figure it out for yourself.”

Be the tree.

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Hang In There

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