Stringing It Along

Explanations are like tsunamis. They don’t have to be pertinent (to your situation) but must they make sense?

Can we do anything on our own except move to higher ground and provide disaster relief?

Screw the waves, Pith and Vinegar: Become the Alligator.

I scorned a judge, too blind to see

no justice brought the works of he

We can no more legislate punishment for crime in a remorseless-society than we can charge hungry beasts with harmful activity in an opportunistic world when acts are not deliberate misbehaviors.

And we can’t prove it either.

You told me, “Don’t take it so hard.”

So, tell me, “How should I take it?”

How would you take it?

Long-winded verse!

defies poetry

dedicated, astute

random, not smooth, in fact, ugly

Magnetic beauty

trapped in ionic sea

The MoFo’s get away with shit all the time.

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Hang In There

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