Get In On The ITN Ground Floor!

What made you decide to instruct others to become better caregivers? I recognized the changes which I was required to make in order for me to become a better caregiver (for Linda during diagnosis, treatment, recovery, and recuperation). It was overwhelming and seemed ill-fated. I guess I’ve gotten too large a head from my engineering career. I thought “If this task is too daunting for me to attempt, then what about all those other those guys? Is it possible we can all collaborate on documenting and incorporating the “lessons learned while becoming better caregivers?”

What is your inspiration? Who? Linda. My daughters. My family. My friends. Deceased friends and relatives. There are many versions of this analogy: “When you’re up to your a** in alligators it’s hard to find time to drain the swamp.” We become so proficient at putting out fires that we don’t take time to teach fire prevention.

What is your ultimate goal for your website? If I can find a way to make this effort become self-supportinmg then your kids, my kids, grandkids, and future generations of kids won’t have to feel hopeless about the desperate situations which are bound to arise. So the ITN program has its own site and the CMfM has its own site.

What exactly do you want me to write to support you? In order for this caregiver’s cause to be realized it must speak to real people. Ownership of caregiving belongs to everyone. Obviously one person can not relate to everyone in the vernaculars for which they are most comfortable.

Kay–I’m no exert. I doubt that anyone could tackle the project by themselves, let alone define the projects which must be tackled by pothers.

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Hang In There

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