How To Quantify Relationships

  1. Suppression can lead to Glee
  2. Hope can build a Future
  3. Sorrow can bring Joy
  4. Use it or Lose it

When taken individually, these terms (a. suppression, b. glee, c. hope, d. future, e. sorrow, f. joy, g. use, h. lose) are relatively straight-forward. But when combined to form an expression the intended meaning varies greatly according to the purpose of the proposer.

We experience Flawed Logic. When we don’t know the Truth it becomes fabricated. Where? Through asking of parents? By brilliant, contrived scenarios? It is not criminal to exhibit concern for society yet this demeanor may be prosecuted; it is a crime to prosecute concerned citizens yet this tactic is a blighted act which society proves to condone.

Imagine you assessed statements 1-4 above and determined each to be True. By carefully imposing constraints and manipulating evidence it is possible to conclude that conditions a. through h. are either true, false, neither true nor false, or both true and false.

How? Vote on it. Simple. Majority rules. Why? No accountability to fairness and respect.

Complexity adds spice to life. Facts are not what they appear to be. When the observations of concerned individuals goes largely unheard, it cannot bode well for the larger community. Choose to ignore facts of statistical-based evidence…choose to misconstrue facts of  interrogation-led observations…choose to cut your nose off  to spite your face…it’s not a choice; it’s a conundrum.

What is it that we enjoy most about globalization? Freedom.

What is found to be the least encouraging? Loss of Freedom.

By defining “Bad Guys” to be those who bring sorrow through oppressive means, we become joyful and glee-filled whenever we suppress future acts (of others) which yield hopelessness (for ourselves). This mentality uses preemptive measures (first strike) to mitigate lost opportunities.

Bottom Line. Compassion: This is going to hurt me more than it will do you good.

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Hang In There

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