Win, Place, Or Show

Sorry to be evasive.

We watched “Bucket List” again yesterday.  Reminds me of the deep sharing which troubled times evoke. I’m not saying we’ve got more than we can handle or too much on our plates–in fact if things get beyond control then all one can do is the best one can do.

My response becomes cryptic.

You know that if a piece of fruit has a bruise on it and all a person does is focus on the bad spots, it doesn’t take much imagination to see what will happen. Before long they’re looking for a less-damaged peach or a pear or their appetite has waned. My appetite for life is good, although nobody in this fruit bowl is without blemish.

If analogies drive you nuts and you only want black and white answers then I’m afraid I won’t have much to offer you.

Like asking any runner before or during a race, “Are you going to win?” Perhaps “place” is a better question but even that is not guaranteed.

I am trying to “show” that we are a hopeful people.

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Hang In There

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