My Life On Hold

Off and On and Off and On again.

We got screwed by the system.

What I’m trying to say is, “Help me get over it.”

How much ’till we fade away?

I don’t know…nobody does.

Love builds a house.

Freedom grows from happiness.

If you locked away all the sadness, hurts, and disappointments in life it would still not bring satisfaction.

Without a home there will be nothing worth returning to.

So where’s the disconnect? What’s the hold-up?

If I know the future will happen thusly, such that all manner of good things find a new order, would I get on with things?

Yes, but only if my actions now will help later on.

Rulers. Rules. I may not be able to change anything now but the future belongs to those who are willing to voice opinions about what is right (and wrong) with the world…and with decisions…and laws…and misinterpretations…and misapplications.

Wild Beasts are more compassionate to their young than this. I don’t see the reason to grow old with you.

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Hang In There

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