Franken-Fixing: It’s A Disease

Yes, I will comply: “If it’s not broke, don’t fix it.”
But what if “It’s going to break…” or
“It looks like it could break…” or
“The capability (of something) is exceeded by its intended function…”, should I fix it then?
Don’t encourage a bad result.
Don’t tempt an addict with opportunity to fail.
Don’t expect change will happen without proper motivation.
It’s too late for me/us but go ahead and try to save yourselves.
The fact that you’re reading this now…
The fact that any of this makes sense…
The fact that you should have listened, but didn’t…
should have learned, but didn’t….
should have shared, but didn’t…
should have acted, but couldn’t…
makes me think I’m not alone
and we’re all in this together.
Now if anyone could operate that staple gun we ought to be able to sew this one up too.

The ITN Program is geared toward raising the awareness of care-receivers and caregivers alike, both in the health care business and those responding to the call for giving care to loved ones. What can you do to help? Reload the staples.

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Hang In There

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