Caregiving Expectations

Rate the range of your encounters:

  • Ridiculously high to Impossible
  • Unsupported to Forgotten
  • Too Abstract to Absurd
  • Unrealistic, Inconceivable, and Unimaginable

How well-prepared were you to give care?

  • Overly
  • Adequate
  • Not in the Least

Were there any parting desires that loved ones communicated to you while they were ripe for receiving care?

  • Never give up.
  • I wish we could do it again.
  • Thank you for trying…it made all the difference.
  • Other

Caregivers, unite…for their sakes.

It is not in flowery words that you will find solace.

The least of your good intentions will be enough.

The greatest of your failures is the blight which we all share.

Nobody cares for their loved ones like a caregiver.

None can escape caregiving relationships.

This much is true.

You will not succeed in your mission without care;

Study these Principles, heeding the voice of experience.

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Hang In There

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