The Ides Of Caregiving

What makes you different?

What makes you special?

What excites you?

What puts a bounce in your step, a jingle in your pocket, and perks you up?

We’re in the middle of caregiving. Our parents are now deceased. Our children are grown. But I am not through with caregiving. I know this to be true because I still love life; I enjoy helping people.

Although often times many things may appear not to reach an optimum conclusion, it is still important that we do our best. This will help ensure there are always things about life for you to love.

The ITN program needs an impetus but you know what? We are getting there!

This morning I made the reply:

Thank you for Liking

I know what you mean about 8 & 5 (see We are at opposite ends of career ladders however I am moving ahead with becoming a math teacher.

Plans for this new directrion were made after some fairly extensive shocks (see

Would this be a good writing challenge for you? If you review the ITN program ( and specifically familiarize yourselves with the ITN Presenter Notes (follow link on ****ITN Instructions – Program files***** ) you might react to the instructions as “these requirements are impossible to follow” or “makes no sense to me.”

That’s all. If you have questions or comments anyone can reach me at


I added the Category “poetry” to this post because there seems to be a whole lot of us out here who wander aimlessly. We want to write about something…but what? Take the writing challenge described above. Add yours to the Comments on this or any of the other linked posts. You’ll be satisfied if you do. We’ll all be glad you did.

Lastly, I added the Category “humor” because I wanted to end with a joke and a moral:

A piece of string goes into a bar and tells the bartender, “Give me a beer.”

The bartender points to a sign above the bar that reads, “We don’t serve strings.” The bartender says, “No strings allowed. Now get out.” and throws the string into the street.

The string bends its neck, rolls itsn head, tousels its hair, picks itself up, and then goes back inside the bar. “I said, Gimme a beer.”

The bartender says, “What  are you, some sort of wise guy?”

The string says, “I’m a frayed knot.”

Moral: If you can’t be the string then at least don’t be the bartender.

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Hang In There

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