How To Gain Confidence In/Through Caregiving

I don’t even know that I can do this (Caregiving thing). But you know what? I won’t let that stop me from trying. I will do my best. I will proceed exactly as if I know what I’m doing–and as though I’m pretty good at doing (that thing) too!

However I will recognize the fact that I’m not “the only expert out there” and I will seek help and accept support whenever and wherever it appears necessary or available.

I’m not super-human but I do believe there are untapped resources–and just for the asking! It comes down to this: I must be humble and I shall act “In Their Names.”

I will learn to recognize if there is an advantageous time (i.e. reach a good stopping point) to fall back and regroup. I can organize my life according to higher principles.

“This is the best I’m going to feel for a very long time but when we finally pull away from this steep fall we’re going to climb into success in the future. Yea. It’s not impossible!”

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Hang In There

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