When Will We Know It’s Too Late?

  • Didn’t the Mayan civilization decide (after projecting the foibles of humankind) it was ludicrous to run the calendar out  past 2012?
  • Wasn’t Y2k just a little bit too…scary?
  • How certain can we be that “the war(s) to end all wars” were effective?
  • When you can justify not paying attention to demands for compliance, do you try to explain what is wrong, what will be wrong, or do you do nothing?
  • The best fall to oblivion is the first one…after that the novelty is gone.
  • If the MLBerg umbrella were to open and invite you to come in out of the rain, would you believe there’s still time to not get wet?
  • Globalization is the great equalizer. Rubble stands one brick at a time.
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Hang In There

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