When You Do Your Best In Everything, You Will NEVER Worry Again

How do we show this to be true?

  1. Proof: Direct
  2. Proof: By Contrapositive

1. PF: [Direct] CASE 1 Since nobody can say they are “done” (have tried everything) it can not be shown that that the future does or does not give promise or hope. Nobody holds control over how the future actually unfolds. Therefore to worry about the future is not only fruitless, it is unnecessary. CASE 2 Anyone who claims they did their best in the past but… (and here, they insert some manifestation of baggage) obviously can not let go of some facet. To be very blunt, they worry that something was overlooked (that in fact they did not do their best). It is not possible to prove anything to a person who will not believe. Hindsight and foresight share the same vision.

2. PF: [by Contrapositive] Assume you will worry again. How is this possible? Only if you don’t do your best.

3. PF: [BWOC] Assume you do not do your best. You scrape by, getting along without investing much effort, eking by as it were. Life is good. At some point things will turn around. Life gets better. You become more confident, less tentative. At last you find yourself on top of the world. Then something occurs and you begin to realize: Everything can change. This awareness unsettles your soul and you begin to worry.

CONTRADICTION! You started by not doing your best so that you would not have to worry. But this assumptios leads to the Contradiction.

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Hang In There

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