Weekend Warriors

Weekend Warriors

All away

No cat comes out

So mice will play

Cats have nine lives

I had ten

This is fine

But that was then

Care to give

Or give with care

Cats know what

We’re doing here

What is your impression of this proposal:
1. Support for men in caregiver roles–it needs to happen.
2. How do we get there from here?
  • Various models exist
  • Some local models…tried, with various levels of success
  • ITN model…global model…untried
3. What remains to be completed before ITN might become tried?
Build additional Presenter templates.
Obtain endorsement from disease-specific causes.
I think everyone can agree on the Truth of statement 1.
Why do I presume (in statement 2) that a global model is required? It is non-disease-specific (so it does not alienate or brand anyone) and it is free.
How do we find collaborators so we can achieve this (statement 3)? What needs to happen?
Don’t you dare mark this poem as “Like” unless you can back it up: mlberg.caregiver.blog@gmail.com
Thank you for sharing your insight.
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