Persistence: What are the chances of that?

Persist. Hang in there1

Caregivers–give care to your passion!

Magnificent Joys are Wonderful;

Devastating Griefs are Horrible!

But Horrible X’s can lead to Wonderful Y’s.

  • The Cancer Diagnosis was Horrible but that led to Treatment and Recovery from Cancer Treatment, which was Wonderful.
  • The Legal Conviction and Imprisonment Sentencing was Horrible and Unjust but that is leading to a Wonderful Awareness and Realistic Expectations.
  • A Patent Award…A PE Award [16 years after graduation, on the 4th attempt]…job changes…relocations…miscellaneous gains and losses…all are well and good (or bad and disappointing) but nothing compares with becoming a better caregiver.

So take measure of your own life. It is too late for some things. Other things may never happen. The odds might be stacked against you but unless you try (and accept failure as one possible result) the consequence is guaranteed loss…losing the opportunity to give better care.

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Hang In There

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