Can of Worms: Complete Handshake or Ball of Wax? (ITN)

Life: adaptable, consumable, expendable.

  • Which should be made: First impressions telling everything or second ones which give the rest of the story?
  • If I knew the answer to your question then most likely I’d phrase the question differently before I asked it (or would I?).
  • If I gave you just enough rope to hang yourself then I bet I wouldn’t hear you complain again.

In a situation where caregivers need to join support groups, hadn’t there first be a code to govern the desired outcome? We need to know the expected rules of the game. Otherwise what’s the point? Where are you headed with that? Why is this relevant? Grief support…the mission is to support you in your grief, not to get you out of (help you recover from) grieving. Right? And certainly the purpose is not to prepare you for grief avoidance. Correct?

If you or someone you know is a caregiver and you say to them, “Join a caregiver’s support group,” do you become liable for damages and losses if in fact they do join a caregiver’s support group but it fails to meet your objectives?

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Hang In There

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