Questions You Might Ask

You can either agree or disagree that men need to become better caregivers.

You may either accept or reject the basic premise that men need support in order to become better caregivers.

You should either add or remove content from the Caregiver’s Manual for Men to maximixe benefits in the “ITN” (In Their Names) Men’s Caregiver Support Group program.

So now the questions:

  • What do you hope to achieve on this MLBerg platform?

“To create mechanisms of support so caregiving responsibilities do not get dropped” is our goal. To accomplish this we must have an improved communication medium. We need a Caregiver’s Manual for Men (CMfM) which delivers insightful reassurance. A system which delivers encouragement for difficult face-to-face meetings can be developed.

The CMfM and ITN Program (Reference and ****ITN Instructions – Program files*****) are two basic facets of the mechanism which should be adopted and refined now. Subsequent versions of these baseline definitions will have greater value because iterations can be based on lessons learned.

  • How do we get started?

It is never too late to become a better caregiver. Certainly there are limits to everything but the key concept is to start advocating for others now (hence, “In Their Names”). There is more to life than living for yourself.

If you choose to support this caregiver cause, you can contribute by becoming a model of collaboration. Send your ideas to

  • What if we fail?

“Better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all.”

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Hang In There

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