Our daughter was intubated at age 2 years when she contracted haemophilus influenzae. Our family collaborated with the doctors and the hospital staff to recover from the effects of this deadly bacteria.

Many years later my wife developed breast cancer but the disease also instigated the total collapse of our daughter’s well-being; this time however her mental health was stricken. Unfortunately the legal system ignored or intentionally clouded details of the illness, obsfucating her right to fair and just treatment.

While amelioration takes place in prison, we also become more sensitive to and aware of difficulties facing caregivers. If it is not sensible to elucidate, then at the very least we should say something like “Dang, others will be called to become better caregivers and they will fail.”

Won’t you just hate it when you’re the only one who knows the truth?

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Hang In There

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